Beach Painting Coastal Decor


"Seagrapes by the Seashore" original acrylic painting 16x12 by Amber Palomares, Fine Artist.  The beach painting reflects the vibrant blue fluffy cloud sky, seagrapes and blue ocean.  Step into the painting and take a stroll down the beach!  This painting is based on going on the walks I take down Juno Beach with my dog, Chula, and my husband, John.  The beach is located in South Florida between Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens.  I live about ten minutes away so it is often the inspiration for my coastal paintings!  This beautiful beach is a haven for fishing, sunbathing, swimming, surfing, and surfboarding.   Man's best friend can often be seen chasing tennis balls as this is a popular dog beach too.  You will find outdoor rinsing showers at most beach boardwalk entrances so you can give your feet or Fido a quick run through!   

There are several beautiful parks along Juno Beach with restroom facilities, picnic tables, BBQ areas and playgrounds (parking is free and there are no meters!).  You can also drop a fishing line or take a walk on the Juno Beach Pier for a small fee.   When the wind is gently blowing the waves will be a calm and a beautiful blue green color.  I love to go shelling or looking for sea glass during this time.  Small grass and sea oat covered dunes can be seen for miles and miles along the beach.  The seagrapes turn lime green to an array of orange, yellow and red colors at differnt times of the year.  They actually have grapes but there are not for eating! Coconut Palms line sidewalks that are always buzzing with avid walkers, joggers, bikers and skaters.

Catch the popular free art show called called Art Fest By the Sea which is held on Juno Beach around March each year. Artworks from artist from around the country come to this show.  If you get hungry, stop by the Hurricane Cafe on A1A and Donald Ross Road (by Walgreens Pharmacy). It can get very crowded for breakfast on the weekends so go early or plan to wait a bit. It is worth the wait though because the food is scrumptious!