Charleston Garden Painting

Enchanted Charleston Garden Fountain Painting, Acrylic 8x10 Sold

Water fountains have a soothing sound. When I was walking down the sidewalk in a historic district of Charleston, South Carolina near Battery Park, I heard the sounds coming from behind a fence.  I peaked over and saw this enchanting garden with a big fountain that was the most beautiful garden fountain I had ever seen.  I took some pictures knowing that I would soon be at my easel painting this lovely garden setting.   
Pretty greens are set against the golden yellow home and a warm terracotta patio surrounds the fountain.  The pretty Magnolia and Crape Myrtle trees are not in bloom but are quite lovely just being green.  The peeling bark of the Crape Myrtle brings interest and a 3D look to the painting. Take a seat by the cascading water's edge and be transported to a calm and serene place.