Egret Nature Painting

Egret Nature Painting
"Reflections in Marsh" Original Painting 20x16 


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Stunning white Egret is highlighted by the brilliant blue water and the grassy marsh water.  This painting is based a trip I took with my husband to a nature park in my area called Grassy Waters Preserve.  This nature park is filled with grassy marshes and wildlife, including egrets.  You can canoe and take pontoon boat rides for a small fee.  It is free to get into the park and there are miles of boardwalks across the marshes.  We were there just after sunrise when we saw this beautiful egret. 

When we were there, we were walking down the nature boardwalk trail at Grassy Waters when my husband and I heard a loud thump and stomping and huffing noice in the marsh, but we could not see anything behind the thick brush. We didn't wait to see what it was and took off running as fast as we could down the boardwalk and didn't look back..  Was it the swamp monster?  No, we were told that it was probably a wild pig and that they can be as big as 300 pounds.  The workers there had a good laugh as we were trying to catch our breath!