Flower Paintings

"Peaceful Waters" By Amber Palomares Landscape and Seascape Artist

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Subject Matter for Flower Paintings:

My colorful flower paintings are painted from my own south Florida garden in addition to my visits to parks and botanical gardens.  I am an avid gardener and love to paint colorful flowers and tropical botanicals (if you are a Facebooker you can find me under Amber Palomares on Facebook where I have pictures of my South Florida garden. 

To find the subject matter for my paintings, I may stop along roadsides to take pictures of fields of flowers (paintings of Sunflowers, Poppies, and Texas Blue Bonnets are my favorite).  I love to paint wild flowers that are growing in their natural areas.  I am inspired by  homes and buildings with lovely gardens and  architectural details.  Old iron gates and stately mansions and beach cottages are delightful to paint with flower gardens.  Porches and fences will often be the highlight of my garden paintings.   I have been known to climb a fence or two to get a photograph of enchanted gardens from Key West to South Carolina!  No flower or garden is safe from my paint brush. If it is pretty, I usually put it in my paintings.

Paintings of Flowers Process and Style:

I paint my flowers and gardens in a painterly impressionist style with an occasional touch of whimsy.  I love to use bold vibrant colors with a tropical flare.  Sometimes my paintings are simply green tropical botanical works of art that are full of texture.  The variety of flowers, trees  and plants in coastal areas are endless,  My acrylic and oil paintings are usually done in layers with a variety of glazes to bring out the detail in petals, stems and leaves.  The paintings often have a three dimensional look.  Paintings of flowers are a great way to bring the outdoors in all year long.