Beach Painting-Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing Beach Painting

16x20 Canvas
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This painting is based on childhood memories of fishing on a pier in the Gulf of Mexico on Padre Island, Texas.  My mother and I loved to go fishing on this pier at Andie Bowie Park which is no longer there.  I caught lots of whiting,  croakers, sheepshead and a prized flounder or two.  A dreaded catching catfish  because I was afraid of getting stuck with their fin so my Mom would take those off the hook for me.    

We could even drive under the pier and that was considered a prime location to set up for the day.  You can not drive down to the beach in this area now.  That driving access has been closed and a park and picnic area put up.    From the time I was about four years old I played with sand buckets by the pier and when fishing on the pier as soon as I could hold a pole.   I have fond memories of this place that I can only capture on canvas now because it not like I remember anymore.

This pier, I was told ,had a restaurant on it but during a hurricane Beulah in 1967 it was destroyed.   After the hurricane and several thereafter, it was a pier until it was no more.  I am not sure if it was torn down or if a storm finished it off. 

Grab a pole and drop a line and lets go fishing!