New Best Classic Dulce Easel

I am so excited about my new Richeson Best Classic Dulce Easel-a very nice Christmas gift! The easel now has two knobs that hold the canvas tray!   The H-frame easel is a sturdy solid oak easel that I just love!  It also has an adjustable sliding mast that moves independent of the wide bottom canvas holder/utility tray. 

I did put some painters tape on it so I can clean up easier and protect the tray.  I will be buying some casters for the predrilled holes in case I want to move it out of the room.  Sometimes I like to paint by the kitchen table! It is easy enough to move without them though.  The easel was easy to put together.  This youtube video was very helpful on how to assemble the easel.  Here is another video that shows how easy it is to fold!

These easels are handcrafted in Wisconsin and have a lifetime warranty!  I had several questions and the customer service at Richeson was awesome.   Here is a video on how to choose a Richeson easel.

My new Best Classic Dulce Easel and two paintings in progress (I put painters tape on the second one-makes for easy clean up).  I am looking forward to posting more "on the easel" paintings on this blog in the future!

New sunset painting on my easel! There are
rubber bumpers on the bottom tray that my
painting is not on but they are
great for holding your canvas in place!