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Making bags for art
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Learn How To Make Transport and Storage Bags for Paintings

This weekend I made some art transport and storage bags for Artigras out of Reflectix from Lowes.  It is used for insulation but cuts just like material.  This stuff is like durable bubble wrap!  I read that people make all kinds of stuff out it, including sleeping bags and lunch bags!  I ran out of Reflectix before I finished, so I will make another trip to Lowes to buy some more-I paid about $38 for this 25x48 roll.  They also make a 25x24 roll for $23 so you save more with the other, and you will need the larger roll if you have large paintings!  I got ten bags done in a variety of sizes from this roll and have about 15 more bags to make for my smaller paintings.  I need to go buy some Velcro for the flaps too.   The article I reference below tells you how you can buy similar bags already made, but they are pricey. 

One thing I learned after making the first bag is to put the opening/flap on the long side of painting so it is easier to slip the painting in and out of the bag! If you make them don't forget to put double tape on the corners just like she did in the video in the article I reference below!  I will be able to use the bags for future art shows as they help protect the paintings and frames! It took me about four hours to make the 10 bags -I took a break or two!   Just in case you would like to learn how to make the art storage/transport bags, here is a link with pictures of some made by an artist and a video on how to make the bags.  The article has other ideas on storing/transporting art too! 
How to Make Painting Transport and Storage Bags

I will post a picture next weekend of all my new bags with my paintings safely tucked inside!