Sunrise Jekyll Island Wetland Painting

A marsh at sunrise painting on Jekyll Island

 Wetland Painting of Jekyll Island
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16x20 Acrylic Nature Painting
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This beautiful contemporary sunset nature painting was created using layers of glazing  in order to give this contemporary painting a luminous look and feel. This breathtaking sunrise painting is based on a Jekyll Island trip we took.  The sunlit trees and grasses illuminate and reflect in the glistening water in this landscape painting.

Jekyll Island provides a lot of inspiration for landscape and plein air paintings as much of the island is not developed.  I was fascinated by the miles of beautiful beaches and marshes. We took some time to take a stroll in the village shopping area by the Jekyll Island Club in the historic district.  We also visited some old ruins on the island too!  I am sure that one of my next paintings will be of one of the beaches with the beautiful large driftwood found on Driftwood Beach.  We also enjoyed a day trip to St. Simons Island where we found quaint shops and restaurants by the bay. 

I enjoy exploring and painting coastal scenes.  I have plenty of photos to keep me busy and next time, I will stay longer so I can do some more plein air paintings!