Beach Paintings

Beach Painting Subject Matter:
Original oil and acrylic beach paintings and prints are professionally rendered based my personal experiences living and visiting many beautiful beaches and islands. I often paint or sketch seaside paintings on location but will also work from photographs.   Sunsets and sunrises are a favorite subjects to paint along with sand dunes, seagrapes, sea grass and sea oats.  Sanderlings, pelicans, sea turtles, and seagulls are also delightful to watch and paint.  My art collectors often say that my beach paintings transport them to a place where they can feel the sand between their toes and smell the salt air.

Beach Painting Process and Style:
My colorful seascape paintings are painted with layers of luminous colors using glazing techniques using acrylics or oils. Paintings are usually completed in a painterly impressionist style with a contemporary flair.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Sample Coastal Paintings are below:  

Copyright: Amber Palomares Fine Art

Painting of Vibrant Sunset

Painting of a Beach with a Colorful Sunset, Oats and Dunes

Painting of Coastal Dunes and Waves

Coastal Painting with Sand Dunes and Sea Oats

Sand Dunes with Foot Prints in Beach Painting

Coastal Painting of Shrimp Boat by Docks

Sand Piper by the Ocean Beach Painting

Painting of Coastal Sunset and Beach Dunes

Coastal Painting of Dunes by Ocean


Ocean Waves at Sunset by the Beach

Painting of Fishy Fishy Cafe South Port Boats Painting

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